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Is It Necessary for Good Manners? What Are Its Qualities?

  1. Good manners are a prime reason for people to enter Paradise

The Prophet Muhammad said:What can send people to Paradise? Awareness of Allah and good conduct ”(Al-Bukhari).He (peace be upon him) said:“I make sure that the house outside the Garden is for the person who avoids quarreling, even if he is right, and the house in the middle of the garden for the one who stops lying or playing, and the house in the middle of the garden. the Highest over all the earth. "

  1. Be on the Scales

The Prophet Muhammad said:"There is nothing harder on the scale of actions than the good behavior of a person." (Al-Bukhari)

  1. Reach Out to Those Who Are Focused on Worship

Aisha said:I heard the Messenger of Allah say,"By his good character a believer can attain the same level as a person who fasts and prays at night." So how good it is when a person fasts and prays at night, and completes his state, no one can be compared to him?

  1. Be Beloved of Allah and His Messenger

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:"Allah's most beloved servants, to Allah, are the best of morals."

  1. Good manners were the Way of the Prophet

In the Quran Allah says:"And really, he's a good man at heart." (68: 4)

  1. Maintain a Complete Belief

The Prophet Muhammad said:“Believers who have the ultimate belief in morality. The best of you are better than your wives ”.How to Improve character?There are two kinds of people; some are blessed by Allah to naturally have a dignified character while others should develop it by training themselves with knowledge and effort. An example is naturally calm people and people who are easily upset. It takes a recent struggle and practice to control their anger and earn a reward from Allah.

  How Can You Find Good Moral According to Imam Qayyim;

  By learning and practicing. Good manners are based on five fundamental   qualities:“Knowledge; Willingness to change; Patience; Beautiful environment; Sound submission - Islam. "

  Some practical tips on how to have a good character:

  1. Be sincere in asking Allah to give you good morals; make dua day and night!
  2. Be patient and keep trying; fight your Nafs to leave lies, bad names, bad places, etc.
  3. Associate with people who have good manners; make dua Allah brings good people to your path.
  4. Accept counsel and seek forgiveness from others; If your mother says, "My son, don't say that", you should listen to her, and don't be arrogant. It is presumptuous to reject the truth, even if it comes from your child or your mate. You will not enter Paradise if you are even proud. Even if you don't believe it correct your mistake, accept his advice.
  5. Read books about a good character; from Seerah it was said,

   I do not adorn Muhammad with my words, instead, he adorns my  words.Hadith must be read by heart; Try to use this dua made by the Prophet (peace be upon him) from now on. "Oh, Allah, Guide us to the best of character, there is no one to guide us in it except You! And avoid the evil  character, for no one can remove it except You."

A book by the Darussalam research centre. Islam has always stressed about the display of good character with all human beings in order to recieve Allah’s blessings and form a good example in front of others. It has been stressed time and time again in Quranic verses and ahaadith. However these good character traits need to be taught to people while young. This puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulder of parents. This book on character has been published to guide parents on how to teach their children good character traits.

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