Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir ) Arabic H/C 22x32

Al Misbah Al Munir (Tafsir Ibn -e- Kathir ) Arabic H/C 22x32

Tafsir Al-Saady (2Vol.) - Arabic - H/C - 10x15

Tafsir Al-Saady (2Vol.) - Arabic - H/C - 10x15

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Complete Quran Pakistani Script translation in English

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Tarjama Quran (Word for Word)

It is an undeniable fact that there is no book in the universe today other than the Holy Quran, which can be considered as final and applicable to all humanity. This is what makes understanding the Quran word by word so important.

Initially, those who learn the Quran find it difficult to translate. In order to link the meaning of the two words, it is necessary to give a brief explanation along with them so that the common reader can easily understand the will of Allah. This work is possible when we translate every word of the Quran separately.

For this, Darussalam under the supervision of Hafiz Salahuddin Yusuf (H.A) published the Quran containing the same characteristics with the title معاني القرآن الکریم in Urdu language. This Quran is a modern way of learning the translation of the Holy Quran in which word for word, fluent Urdu translation with Quranic grammar has been included.

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