The Book of Supplication

Mohammad Iqbal Kelani (author) , Hadith Publications (publisher)

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Originally written in Urdu, this is set of books by Muhammad Iqbal Kailani and have recently been translated into English. Every topic is clearly explained according to the Quran and Sunnah.Books cover wide range of topics in Islam.

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What is a supplication or a Quranic supplication? Supplications are requests a person submits to his Sustainer and Provider. Whenever a person is afflicted by trouble, he cries out: “Ya Allah, Ya Raheem! (O Allah! O Compassionate One!). Allah has ordained that His slaves should call Him and promised that He will answer their requests.

Imam Ibn Katheer - may God have mercy on him - said: The Almighty warns that He is the one who is called upon during adversity, and is desired in times of calamity. Supplications have two types in Islam:
1. Dua al-Ibadah (Supplications of worship)
2. Dua al-Mas’alah (Supplications of Asking)

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