What a Muslim Should Believe

Muhammad Bin Jamil Zino (author) , Darussalam (publisher)

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What a Muslim should believe is a book that covers the basic fundamentals of Islamic creed and Muslim beliefs. The basic concept of belief has been presented in the form of easy questions making it a suitable read for young readers too.

The book is written by the esteemed Syrian scholar Shaikh Muhammad Bin Jamil Zeno. On account of his simple style, his books have gained popularity in the Islamic world. He uses authentic sources while writing his books, making them a credible choice for all. As it covers the basic Muslim beliefs, the book is great for beginners and children.

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Pillars of Islam and Iman

How well versed are we regarding the basic teachings of Islam? Do you know the basic foundations of Islam? The pillars of Islam and Iman?

These are the 11 pillars of Islam and Iman. No one can be a Muslim without a firm belief in these 11 pillars. If anyone rejects these pillars, there is no doubt that he does not belong to Islam. There is a consensus of all religious Muslims scholars on this issue. After believing in these eleven pillars, every act of worship of a Muslim would be acceptable by which he would be able to attain Paradise.

In this book, Sheikh Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno رحمه الله has discussed the pillars of Islam and Iman in a lucid and impressive manner. The discussion regarding Faith and Belief in the first part is an added value to the book

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